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By applying for the Kocha 100 Creative Coaching Program, you agree that you understand and comply with the following terms:

Kocha Creative Legal and Liability Disclaimer [PLEASE READ]:

You understand that this is a pilot program for training and research purposes, and that no claims to specific outcomes regarding client results or project completion, quality or commercial viability have been made.

By applying for the Kocha 100 Pilot Program, or any other program offered by Chakka Reeves, Kocha Creative LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates, you acknowledge that Chakka Reeves is not a licensed mental health professional and these services do not replace the care of mental healthcare professionals.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program, its purpose and limitations. Client’s success is contingent on the level of effort, commitment, accountability and ownership they demonstrate during the process.

If selected, you agree to give a written testimonial and feedback based on your experience within two weeks of program completion.

You give permission to Chakka Reeves and Kocha Creative LLC to use your name and image for marketing purposes.

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