by theowner

"I believe that creative careers are the 'safe' careers."

You do not need to starve or sell your soul to be a successful artist.

I believe that pursuing a career that honors your unique story, uses your God-given artistic gifts, and connects you directly to patrons, fans and supporters is the most secure career you can have.

Pursuing your art also gives you an insurance policy against the “what ifs?”

What if you had pursued your dream? What if you had invested the time, energy and intention needed to build your craft? What if you had listened to the fear, but did it anyway?

I help people complete viable creative projects and break creative blocks.

Are you ready?

Why I Do It: My Creative Beliefs


  • Facing a future that will see more jobs changed or eliminated by automation, pursuing a creative career is the new “safe bet.”

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion create better art, people and societies.

  • Creativity should be a part of everyone’s life, whether you want to make a living from it or not.

  • You can be an artist and be healthy, happy, financially secure, spiritually grounded and socially responsible.

  • Creative economies should exist everywhere, not just major cities.



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