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by theowner

Let me guess. You are most likely here for one of the following reasons:

You read one of my articles or blog posts and you wanted to find our more.

You were Googling Chaka Khan and accidentally added an extra “k”.

You are looking for a creative coach to help you meet your goals.

You have an idea for a media project and you are looking for a creative producer who can help you get it started, get it done and get it ready for the marketplace (I love my creative hobbyists. However, when you are ready to go pro, call me).

You Googled “Chakka Reeves” to see if I was making it up. I wasn’t. (Yes, this is my birth name. I love it and everything on this site is my attempt to live up to it).

In any event, I’m glad you are here. I’ll show you around.


I write about various topics on this blog, but all of my blog topics cover one or more areas:

Media: I am a creative, and media is my primary focus. Often I will write a post that analyses, critiques, spotlights or praises a work of media. I will also share some of the tools that help me as a media creator, as well as look at industry and workforce trends that have an impact on all creators.

Life: This seems broad, and it is. Even though my coaching practice focuses on the creative process rather than life coaching, the creative process and the current state of our lives are interconnected. As I find books, videos, classes, tools and other resources that bring me closer to the life I want to live, I will share them.

Creating: The creative process has always fascinated me. The reason I started Highwater in the first place was to documented what I learned about what it means to be a creative.

(My) Life: This is my personal blog, so every now and then I will share a post that represents a part of my story.


Here you will find the work I have completed in my career so far.

  • Film and TV
  • Video
  • Content
  • Writing


I am available for the following

  • Creative Coaching
  • Creative Producing
  • Consulting
  • Speaking and Workshops
  • Writing For Hire
  • Media Expertise and Hosting

Go to the Contact Page and drop me a line.