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Your Creative Glo-Up Is Only One Project Away

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There is a saying: The work gets you the work.

If you want a new creative job, a spot in an exhibition, or a proof of concept for a grant, you need to show your work.

It starts with an idea

You have a thought, hear a song, experience nature, a different culture or otherwise have an experience that starts the chain reaction of INSPIRATION.

You want to create a photo series. Film a documentary. Record a mixtape. Paint a painting.

The craft is only the half

You start the project with great enthusiasm and passion, but eventually, you start hitting the road blocks.

What are the challenges associated with creative projects?

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Not having the resources you need
  • Too many ideas at once
  • Not having confidence in your craft
  • Finding time and energy to create
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success

How do you overcome these obstacles?

With the support of a Creative Coach.

What Does A Creative Coach Do?What Does A Creative Coach Not Do?
A Creative Coach works with clients to provide tools, exercises and insights to help them break through creative blocks and make work that allows them to have the career and lives of their dreams. I do not counsel. While I do have a counseling degree, and counselors work with clients to help them achieve their potential, coaching is about new behaviors, thoughts, and habits, leading to new and sustainable results vs. examining your past stories, although naming your story is the first step before you can change your story.

Having said that, I have a fabulous therapist and I recommend therapy and counseling if you are in acute mental or emotional distress, or you are just curious about the process.

I can’t stress this enough: If you are dealing with active and/or recent feelings of loss, trauma, you don’t feel like yourself, and/or you are unable to complete basic life tasks, please find a licensed mental health professional. Psychology Today has a good database you can start with.
A Creative Coach helps clients utilize their own body of knowledge, skills and experience to meet their goals.I do not advise. At least, not too much. Each artist is different and is ultimately the authority on their lives. As a passionate craftsperson in your field of practice, you know way more about your art, community and industry than I ever will. I do not tell you what to do, rather, I provide resources to strengthen your ability to take consistent and deliberate action on your goals, and to trust your creative intuition.

You Are The Expert In Your Own Life´╗┐
A Creative Coach helps clients take the necessary steps to create relationships and systems that support their creative practice, including the aid of mentors, advisors, peers, partners, patrons and audience members. I am not a mentor, although mentors are crucial to your success. A mentor relationship is best when it is organic, and the mentor is a creative and/or career role model for the mentee. In other words, your mentor should be someone you want to be, but not in a Single White Female kind of way.

If selected for the program, we will talk about how you can find the right mentor for your career.

What is the Kocha 100 Creative Coaching Pilot Program?

Kocha 100 is a pilot program designed by educator, writer, filmmaker and creative producer Chakka Reeves, M.Ed (that’s me).

Before transitioning into a media career eight years ago, I earned a Master of Education in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Maryland College Park. I have always approached my work as a maker and educator from a frame of empowerment, problem-solving, and results.

In my practice as a producer, I have become well-acquainted with the challenges, frustrations and setbacks that creatives experience when attempting to bring something new into the world.

I have also experienced many of these learning opportunties first-hand, and I am eager to share my knowledge with other creatives.

Why is it called the Kocha 100?

Kocha is “coach” in Kiswahili. I have a Kiswahili name and I wanted my company to have one as well.

As for 100?

My goal is to coach 100 people total in the next six months.

Why is it free?

I am in the process of gaining the training hours needed to start a coaching certification program, so by participating, you are helping me and future creatives.

Members of the Kocha 100 Creative Coaching Pilot Program get the following benefits:

  • A free one-hour creative project coaching session
  • One free 15-minute accountability check-in
  • A 25% discount on hour-long coaching sessions (Power Hours)
  • A 20% discount on three and six-month creative coaching plans
  • A chance to win up to six months of free creative coaching

But you’re a filmmaker, Chakka. How will this program work for a (insert creative practitioner here)?

This program will work for any artist and any creative practice because you will be working with an expert:


That’s right.

While I have interviewed, coached, and had in-depth conversations with dozens of creatives, I am not a guru or gatekeeper.

Think of the Kocha 100 Creative Program as black light in a hotel room (gross I know, but stay with me).

There are things in front of you- Potential partnerships, advocates, collaborators, funding sources- that you may not be able to see without a special kind of light.

Except, instead of illuminating all of the reasons you shouldn’t keep the hotel comforter on your bed, Kocha 100 will help you find out what you have, what you need, how to expand and how to avoid or address potential problems before they happen.

Who should apply for the program?

Artists and creatives at any stage in their career who have a project they want to complete.

That’s amazing! What do I have to do?

First sessions start April 15th, and continue until July 30th or when I hit 100 coaching sessions, whichever comes first.

Not Ready Yet?

Download the free Creative Asset Project (CAP) Plan Worksheet and start project planning on your own.